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---> Five Iron Frenzy! <---

[Five Iron Frenzy: eight people in a stinky van.]
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five iron frenzy
I noticed there wasn't a community for Five Iron Frenzy fans, so on a cold snowy day in May, I created what you see today. And then promptly neglected it.

There is a Brave Saint Saturn community over here: if_you_like_bs2! But they're deader than we are. So by all means, post about any projects any of the former Five Iron people are up to.


*Don't be a jerk.

*Five Iron Frenzy is a Christian band, but not everyone here is a Christian. Keep this in mind.

*Post. I really don't wanna see this community die. Post!!

*If someone trolls, don't act all butthurt about it. It's the internet.

This community brought to you by the letter F, the number 5 and rayefrenzy!